A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Floppy Disk is a clone of the famous game Flappy Bird. It was developed by Rubén Crispín in one week as a learning project. The main goal was to learn how to create Unity builds for mobile as well as using post processing effects.

Desired resolution (some UI elements might not look as intended):

  • On phone is 640x920.
  • On PC is 1920x1080.

The project was saved with Unity 2018.3.9f1.

How to play

To play just tap the screen or use mouse click on PC. Each tap/click will make the floppy disk go higher.

  • If the floppy disk touches the ground or any column the game will end.
  • Each column passed adds one point to the score.
  • Each time you hit retry the song played will change.


From the options screen you can change the audio and sound effects volume as well as some graphic options.

Post Processing Options

There are two dropdowns that lets you change the type of Post Processing profiles and filters.

Post Processing profiles

  • TV: It will apply some chromatic aberration, grain and TV like vignette to simulate an old TV resolution.
  • Green: It will turn all colors to green and a vignette, making the image similar to the one obtained by old mobile phones.
  • Black and White: It will turn all colors to black and white and a vignette simulating a no color TV.
  • Vaporwave: The colors will change over time giving the impression of being on drugs.

Post Processing filters

  • VHS: It will add a noise and scrolling lines similar to the ones given by a VHS.
  • Pixelated: It will pixelate the image to give the impression of an old-school videogame.


After ending a game you can save the score to the leaderboard.

  • Just use the input text element below the score to introduce your name and press "Enter".

In the Leaderboards screen you can scroll to see all the scores saved:

  • By clicking on the score button the list is sorted from highest to lowest score.


Game made by: Rubén Crispín

VHS filter based on this work: https://github.com/staffantan/unity-vhsglitch

Songs (Copyright Free):

Confusions - Thrifter Records

Sea_Dreams (Vaporwave) - TheMajesticRobot

What Do You Want - HUB

Above All - HOME

We're Finally Landing - HOME

Desired - I Want You

VAPORWAVE TRAP BEAT - Karl Markus Hanevik


By the Tracks - Thrifter Records

royalty free V A P O R W A V E - eltiolavara9

Chilled - Dj Quads



Vaporwave Retro - JiltedG

BAY CITY - Zai Kowen

Install instructions


- Extract the content of the zip.

- Run Floppy Disk.exe


- Extract the content of the zip.

- Install the APK in your phone (you must enable installation of Apps from third parties, you can find this option in your phone settings).

- Run Floppy Disk App inside your phone.


Floppy_Disk_1.2_Android.zip 45 MB
Floppy_Disk_1.2_Windows.zip 56 MB
Floppy-Disk-1.2.zip 78 MB
Floppy-Disk-1.2.1.zip (Android Optimization) 78 MB

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